Rattan Garden Furniture - What is Rattan

Please be aware there is both Natural and Synthetic Rattan garden furniture available.

Natural Rattan

Natural Rattan, favoured in furniture making mainly because it is lightweight, durable, suitable for outdoor use, and, to a certain extent, flexible.

Rattan is a species of climbing palms belonging to subfamily Calamoideae. Also known as manila, or malacca, named after the ports of shipment Manila and Malacca City. The climbing habit is associated with the characteristics of its flexible woody stem, derived typically from a secondary growth, makes rattan a liana rather than a true wood.

Raw rattan is processed into several products for furniture making. The various species of rattan range from several millimetres up to 5–7 cm in diameter. From the larger rattan the skin is peeled off, and used as rattan weaving material. The remaining "core" of the rattan can be used for various purposes in furniture making.

Rattans is extensively used for making furniture and baskets and accepts paints and stains like many other kinds of wood, so rattan furniture is available in many colours.

Synthetic Rattan

Good quality synthetic rattan garden furniture does not necessarily need covering in winter as the higher grade polyethylene weave is completely resistant to rain and frost. However if you want your furniture to look pristine for longer, then we recommend that it is covered. Stacking your furniture together and buying a cover large enough to encompass the whole set will prevent it blowing around in high winds; just make sure that the cover can be fastened down to the legs of the furniture.

The Rattan Garden Furniture Company

For care and information on oiling Natural Rattan Garden furniture see our Rattan Care Page.