Rattan Garden Furniture - Buyer Guide

Check if the rattan set your buying is synthetic or natural rattan.

Both have pros and cons - check our Rattan Furniture Care guide to see which is best for your needs.

With both Synthetic and Natural Rattan, Look for a tight weave, without any rough corners or protruding strands

A powder-coated aluminium frame is essential for strength and durability – use a magnet to check that it is not made of steel. Steel frames are heaver and will rust over time.

The weave should have UV protection, or it will become brittle and crack
Keep covered when not is use.

You get more for your money with a slab-shaped sofa or chairs - square shapes are easier to weave, therefore cheaper to buy.

The top-quality natural-coloured rattans will have a variegation of colour along the length of each strand and will also have an irregular scraped surface to give a duller, more lifelike look, rather than a plastic-like shine.

Don't forget to purchase a cover to protect your furniture

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